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This is your favourite day of the week, right? That one day when you are allowed to play with your club’s kit and channel your inner Messi or Ronaldo. It’s 5 a side night!

We know 5-a-sides are usually played with your pals and colleagues, but still, it is a competition, and you want to win.

Below are five tips to help you step up your game and make your team closer to victory.

  1. Be tactical

It’s supposed to be fun, but we all know that 5-a-side is serious business and being tactical and organised is the greatest way of improving your game.

You might think it’s too much but having a formation for a 5 a side game isn’t such a terrible idea. It will most likely go down the drain after the first five minutes, but if four guys decide to become strikers, your defence will be destroyed. That implies your goalie will be wide open, which, let’s face it, you don’t want to happen.

Having a particular responsibility in the pitch will not only ensure that you have complete coverage, but it will also ensure that your team is better organised than the other team, giving you the competitive advantage, you seek.

  1. Communicate

It’s critical to ensure that all of your teammates are on the same page. When the infamous striker you’ve been anticipating playing against is the opponent, you want everybody to be focused and not just thinking about what they will be eating at dinner when they get home.

Giving each other constant support and a heads up is a vital advice that can help you enhance your game. The goalkeeper should continuously evaluate the pitch to see what is going on and convey this information to the rest of the team.

  1. Keep a player at the back

Because of the incredibly fast nature of 5 a side, the game can alter quickly, and the pitch space is frequently limited. With this in mind, it’s critical to maintain a player at the back at all times.

You don’t have to choose a specific teammate but having someone at the back when attacking is essential if the tables are turned, and the attack turns into a counterattack.

  1. Identify who’s the weakest opposite player

You don’t have to be a football analyst to figure out who the weakest link on the other team is; they’ll come to light on their own. Use this to your advantage by actively playing towards them but leaving plenty of room for their teammates to pass the ball to them, allowing you to put pressure on them. It may appear to be a somewhat cruel and not very sporting strategy, but we all know how much you want to win.

  1. Prepare your physique

According to research, a 60-minute game of astro football gives a player four times the number of touches compared to a full 90-minute game of regular 11 players’ football.

This implies you must be physically healthy because you will be working considerably more and have more possession than you normally would. 5 a side also requires a high level of physical fitness due to the numerous quick bursts of energy needed, such as sprints and fast directional changes. So, if you want to thrive on the field, you may need to put in some more time in the gym.

Now that you have all of the advice to make your 5 a side game the best it can be, we’re sure you will win. Just remember that the most vital tip of all is to have fun while playing, regardless of how seriously you approach it.

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