Stag & Hen Parties

Are you tired of seeing the same traditional bachelor parties? Things that have been done for decades, with all the clichés seen in movies and television series again and again...

Do you want something unique for your Stag or Hen Party but not sure what? We can help!

At Astropark we offer the most fun and original activities for Stags & Hens.

We guarantee that you will have the best party in history if you dare to come and play with us.

From our Bubble Football to the all-action Combat Archery AstroWars, you can choose an activity that suits you, with the option of adding food and drinks afterwards.

You will live unforgettable moments and release all the stress and tensions caused by the wedding preparations.

So, get in touch and let us tailor your Stag or Hen party to your every need.

Bubble Football

The whole of Dublin has gone Bubble mad! Bubble football has become the latest craze worldwide and, at Astropark, you can experience all the fun with the option of food & drinks afterwards, all at the best prices. This hilarious game also called body zorbing, bumper balls, bubble soccer is especially popular for Stags and Hens.

You can organise a match of singles against married, friends of the groom against friends of the bride, one against all and endless possibilities. The rules are very simple and can also be adapted according to the preferences of the group, making each game utterly different from those that have been played before. If you have not played bubble football yet, a bachelor party may be the perfect time to try it.

The cost is €180 for first 10 players + €16 per person for additional players.

Our packages include equipment hire, Bookings last 1 hour, and there’s a free 5aside pitch for football afterwards.

To find out more, simply fill in an enquiry form on this page or give us a call.


Combat Archery AstroWars

Live the best Stag or Hen party in Dublin with Combat Archery AstroWars. No one will ever forget their time spent in this epic bachelor party.

At our Combat Archery AstroWars, we will present you the opportunity to become archers for a day and fight like those epic warriors that we see in the pages of comics or movie screens.

If you always wanted to know how it feels to shoot an arrow, now is the perfect time to do it. We use foam tip arrows that are entirely harmless.

Also known as Tag archery it is the latest craze sweeping the world, with intense and exciting games combining traditional games that you know like dodgeball with archery and paintball excitement but without any soreness from being hit.

You can catch, dodge and shoot these safe arrows at your mates or the specially designed targets while you strategically move from bunker to bunker.

The cost is €18 per person (first 10 people), then €16 per person for any additional.  There’s a minimum charge for 10 people but works fine for smaller groups.  Bookings last 1 hour, and there’s a free 5aside pitch for football afterwards.

So, if you want to celebrate your Stag or Hen party in a fun and original way, grab an arrow, aim, and reserve your date.