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It’s wonderful fun to play football in the park with your friends… Unless someone fires a shot! After waiting 40 seconds for the ball to be returned, bam… it happens again!

A vicious cycle from which there is no escape.

Is it possible to solve such a problem?

Your days of being afraid to shoot the ball are over if you visit one of our five-a-side Dublin locations. Continue reading for more reasons why arranging a five-a-side game is preferable to playing casual football in the park.

It’s also crucial to know what to look for while selecting a pitch in order to optimise your enjoyment and safety. This checklist will assist you in doing so:

  1. Select a 5-a-side pitch with a nice artificial grass surface. This will provide a smooth and consistent playing area and the ability to play regardless of the weather. Because 4G surfaces do not flood, your booking can go forward unless there is lightning overhead.
  2. Keep an eye out for closed pitches. This will allow you to spend less time chasing the ball around the field and more time playing. Because the pitches are surrounded by high fencing and netting, it will be extremely difficult to throw the ball out of the cage.
  3. Make sure the pitches have an easy-to-use online booking system. This will ensure that you never miss a game and that you can always book a pitch, even if it is outside of office hours.
  4. Regular five-a-side pitches should be easy to find. Well located facilities for you and your pals to play will make it simple to get your games in and save you the trouble of navigating city traffic.
  5. Leagues are frequently formed when a quality pitch is used. So, after your squad has gotten up to speed, why not compete in one of our 5-A Side Football Leagues.

As you’ve seen above, there are a lot of reasons why playing in one of our five-a-side venues is preferable to playing in your local park.

Perfect Astroturf pitches, goals, nets, and cages. What else could you want more?

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