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5-a-side is rapidly becoming a better proposition than an 11-a-side match in terms of the weekly friendly football game with mates. More and more people are going for small-sided games due to the several benefits it presents compared to full-fledged regular football.

Here are some key benefits to 5-a-side football that are making it gain fans all over the world:

  • More Ball Possession

Fewer players on the pitch mean you will touch the ball a lot more often. Not only the lack of players but also the shortened field will allow you to get more of the ball and show what you can do. And most importantly, have a lot of fun doing it.

At the end of the day, you’re there to have fun, and with the scaled-down characteristics of 5-a-side, that is guaranteed.

If you think about it, you’re having the best an 11-a-side match can provide you with none of the drawbacks. The game is stripped down to its core, and all the focus is on good passing, shooting, keeping ball possession, and there’s even time to apply some of those secret skills you have been keeping up your sleeve.

You need more proof? Well, the football’s governing body, FIFA, compared 11-a-side to smaller sided game versions and results showed that 7-a-side players get twice as many touches, and 5-a-side matches provide 4 times as many touches per player compared to 11-a-side 90 minute games… in just 60 minutes!

  • No Dead Time

No one likes unnecessary pauses in the game. When you’re playing, you want to get the ball rolling as much as possible! That is one of the major problems in regular football matches. According to FIFA, the lost time in a game accounts for 34% of the total 90 minutes since every prolonged ball out of play is extended by a set-piece play.

At the same time, this is one of the strengths of 5-a-side games. Whether you’re playing with barriers alongside the pitch lines and the ball is never out of bounds or a futsal type pitch where it can leave the field, the ball is never out of play for longer than a handful of seconds.

We love nonstop play because it creates a more evolving and exciting game while getting you extra focused on the match you’re playing.

  • An Excellent Workout

Do you know that feeling of exhaustion after a long hard fought 5-a-side match? The one that gets you craving a lie down on the floor. That’s because you just had an awesome workout and you’re actually getting fitter!

Playing 5-a-side will provide a more rounded exercise than weightlifting or jogging. The cardio benefits are proven to mitigate the risk of heart diseases by reducing your cholesterol levels and blood pressure while getting you to shed some weight.

More than that, it is actually better than 11-a-side for your fitness levels too. In 5-a-side you are in constant contact with the ball and everything is done with higher intensity.

  • Proper Facilities

At the amateur level, it can be tough to find a well-kept football pitch for 11-a-side games. Most local fields are muddy and patchy, which deteriorates the game quality and can lead to injuries. Even when the match is over, you’ll probably find less than ideal locker rooms with leaky showers with cold water.

5-a-side facilities offer well maintained synthetic 3G pitches offering flawless conditions for football matches. Consistent turf is perfect for a fine game of football, allowing for planted passes and play, doing skills with confidence and, most importantly, it prevents off-ball injuries like ankle sprains from an irregular floor.

More than that, 5-a-side facilities are equipped with proper lighting rigs meaning you can play at night, after work, and grab a sports drink at the bar after the game to reset your fluid levels.

  • All Weather Venues

5-a-side matches can be played even during harsher weather months. That is due to the quality of the synthetic turf which won’t get clogged up unless there is a snowstorm.

Regular 11-a-side grass pitches can be miserable in harsher weather eventually becoming unplayable, forcing you to cancel your long awaited match of the week. Changing from 11-a-side to 5-a-side will get you conditions to play season in and season out.

  • No Off-Season

Everyone can relate to the off-season fitness shape that leaves you with the “I need to get back to some regular exercise routine”. Whether you get that off-season when the weather is too cold or even too hot, 5-a-side can be your excuse killer.

You can book a 5-a-side pitch all-year-round and there are also different 5-a-side leagues running  winter to fall and everything in between so you don’t have to take an off-season and lose your fitness levels. Most leagues usually last for a couple of months so you can get your playing time whenever you need it, and it won’t count as an excuse anymore.

  • Easy And Accessible

We, just like the majority of people, do enjoy watching a competitive 11-a-side football match but the amateur experience of playing the game is so much improved and boosted in 5-a-side. And if you weigh up what really matters it is the enjoyment of playing with the ball at your feet, there is no way you can beat a mid-week 5-a-side game with your mates.

If you’re convinced and already jumping for the chance to show off your football skills but don’t know where to play, check out AstroPark!

We have excellent 5-a-side facilities in North and South Dublin and even organise regular 5-a-side football leagues and blitz tournaments.

Our Autumn North and South leagues start on 24/9/20, so there is still time to gather a few of your mates (max 8 players), book a pitch with us and start playing the greatest game in the world.

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