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A 5-a-side football tournament has all the key ingredients to make for a fantastic time and release all the stress from a demanding workday while getting a workout done. Whatever your level of skill, a 5-a-side match will undoubtedly provide for an enjoyable time while playing with your peers.

With friends or work peers, gathering 5 people to play football can be an excellent activity proposal for those with a busy schedule and looking for a fun hobby.

If you are not yet convinced of the wholesome gains of playing a 5-a-side football tournament, we present you with 6 major benefits of kicking the ball into the back of the net:


A 5-a-side football match is a great way to get a good cardio and overall fitness workout done without even realising it. When treadmills and machine exercise isn’t for you, a football match is an excellent method of training and much more fun than going to the gym.

You will start to see an increase in stamina, strength and agility each and every time you play.

Effortless to plan

When was the last time you got a stress-free experience organising a 5-a-side football match with your group of friends? It can be quite complicated to coordinate schedules, pitch and find at least 10 of your mates available to play.

Participating in a 5-a-side tournament is a much more realistic proposition. Takes fewer people, and there are quite a few local tournaments available that your team can enter.

You have to commit to it

If you, like many others, have a problem with maintaining a workout routine and those regular gym visits are becoming farther and farther apart then this is a perfect alternative for you.

The lack of accountability is revealed in many cases to be the reason for just not showing up, but that isn’t the case with playing a 5-a-side tournament.

The beauty of 5-a-side is the camaraderie you get with your teammates, and you surely don’t want to leave them hanging with a player short. This responsibility and the team spirit will certainly be an extra push to get you out the couch and into the pitch.

Fits in every schedule

Playing a 5-aside-football league is quite convenient for the majority of people. For example, our One-Night Blitzes, like the name suggests, are played in one night and take only 2 hours to complete from 7 pm to 9 pm, so there is no excuse for not participating.

A sociable time

Though the physical aspect of getting some exercise is excellent, the social benefits you can gain from playing regular football are equally significant.

Not only can you make new mates, but team sports can also be great for stress relief. Getting a football match going can ease your mind from work-related complications and everyday issues like nothing else. The moment the match starts all your stress and problems are left outside.

If you are looking for a fun activity while doing some exercise with a group of friends or co-workers, why look further than participating in one of our 5-a-side football tournaments?

A fun but safe outdoor activity

Outdoor activities present a lower risk in terms of spreading COVID19. Open spaces avoid for the virus to build up in concentrated amounts, and wind disperses viral droplets. And besides, playing certain team sports like football on an outdoor pitch pose even less risk because with the proper safety precautions players can still enjoy the game while maintaining some physical distance.

We are all well aware of the demands we are facing with the pandemic, and 2020 is being a year like we’ve never seen before. But in spite of everything COVID19 has brought to our lives, doing something fun like playing 5-aside-football, something that you really enjoy may be now more important than ever to help you better cope with life’s challenges.

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