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Is your child’s birthday just around the corner, and you’re searching for the perfect recipe for excitement and joy? Look no further! Brace yourselves for the ultimate kids’ birthday extravaganza – multi-activity parties at Astro Park Coolock or Tallaght that promise a day jam-packed with thrills, challenges, and unforgettable memories.

Choose Your Top 3 Exciting Activities from 6 fantastic options

With our customisable multi-activity birthday party, you can make it all about your child’s interests. The options for exciting adventures are practically limitless when you have a menu full of them. You get to pick three of these fantastic activities for the party, and here’s what they are:

1. Tug of War:

Start the party off with a friendly but intense game of tug-of-war. Teams will pull as hard as they can to see how strong they are and how well they can work together. The goal is to win and get the day off to a great start.

2. Unihoc:

Showing off unihoc skills is up next. Outdoor floor hockey is a fast-paced game where players use sticks to defend their own net and score goals. Intense competition is about to unfold, so brace yourself.

3. Dodgeball:

Duck, dip, dive, and dodge! Our dodgeball court is set up for legendary conflicts where kids will dodge, throw, and catch their way to being the best of the best at dodgeball. You can look forward to some laughs, strategy, and friendly competition.

4. Volleyball:

Play beach volleyball to take your party to the beach—figuratively, at least. Players will bump, set, and spike their way to volleyball glory in an exciting and entertaining match. Without having to leave the comforts of the celebration location, feel the sand between your toes.

5. Rounders:

Prepare to witness the ultimate combination of baseball and softball at our birthday extravaganza! Brace yourselves for a heart-pounding rounders showdown, where every participant will have the opportunity to showcase their batting and fielding skills. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the electrifying action! Rounders: Where even the most uncoordinated among us can feel like a superstar, guaranteeing an experience so inclusive, it’ll make you wonder if you accidentally stumbled into a sports-themed utopia.

6. Olympic Handball:

Playing a thrilling game of handball will allow them to unleash their inner Olympian spirit. As teams compete in this exciting sport, members will need to be quick on their feet, agile, and able to work together to achieve common goals.

Party Perfection: Expert Supervision and All-Inclusive Packages

Are you concerned about the ability to organise and supervise the activities? Have no fear! During the entirety of the event, our highly trained party staff will take charge, ensuring that everyone is safe and treated fairly. We will provide the kids with all of the necessary equipment so that you can concentrate on having a stress-free time at the celebration.

The Result? Unforgettable Adventures and Lasting Memories

Your child’s birthday party will be transformed into an experience that guests will never forget if you provide them with various exciting activities. As a result of the echoes of laughter, the abundance of smiles, and the etching of memories into the hearts of your child and their friends, a tapestry of joy will be created that will endure for the rest of their lives.

Value is the name of the game when booking a multi-activity party. With prices for 12 kids starting from €240, the two-hour package includes food and an extra thirty minutes of free unsupervised play at the end of the party. Learn more about how to book any of the parties in our blog here.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary birthday celebration for your child with our multi-activity extravaganza. The only question that remains is: which three activities will you choose for a day of unparalleled fun? Let the countdown to the ultimate birthday bash begin!