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NERF Wars Birthday Parties

Do you want your kid to have a memorable birthday party filled with adrenaline and excitement? NERF Wars is the way to go.

Times have changed and having a normal birthday party just doesn’t work anymore. On their special day, kids want to do something they have seen in Video Games or Movies, and at Astro Park, we can recreate all of that in a safe and friendly environment that both kids and parents can enjoy.

NERF Wars is the perfect idea for kids’ birthday parties!

Nerf Wars is an excellent option for kids to leave the computer behind and play outdoors with friends in full of action and totally safe games.

Two teams in fun battles using the best Nerf blasters and foam darts available on the market in an arena full of inflatable obstacles. Within each team, kids can develop strategies to defeat their opponents, encouraging partnership and teamwork, with a healthy dose of fitness & competition. Parents are welcome to join in the fun as various challenges and games take place such as hostage rescue and last man standing.

Everyone will have an absolute blast, and your kids will have a birthday party that will be the talk of the school and one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For older kids and teenagers (age 11+), they might also love Tag Archery as an alternate activity. (Coolock Only)

NERF AstroWars Party Details

Available each Saturday and Sunday

Available between 11 am and 4 pm


€20 per child with a minimum cost of €240 for 12 children.


You can also confirm your booking with a €120 deposit and you can then pay the remainder on the day.


The food is a mix of sausages, chicken nuggets and chips.

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Do you want your kid to have a memorable birthday party filled with adrenaline and excitement? NERF Wars is the way to go.

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How to book an Astropark party


Click to select which Astro Park venue you want to book for your party.


Once logged in, choose the day, and party you wish to book


Check available slots, enter your details and then make your payment!


Your slot is booked, and you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

If you have not received any email from us, check your spam. Still nothing? Give us a call; it might be that your booking is not confirmed!

We offer a fun, action-packed, and unique birthday party experience!

How the party works

The parties are for boys and girls aged between 6 and 12.

Our parties last 2 hours with 60 minutes of supervised activity which includes 60 minutes of NERF, followed by hot food (sausage/nuggets with chips & cordial drink) in one of our party rooms for 30 minutes, and an extra 30 minutes of football after the food.

If a party has more than 18 children, the group will be split in two and will undertake our old school sports activity on a separate pitch.

If a party consists of more than 18 children, a second party room may be required.

*AstroWars is in no way affiliated with Hasbro and makes no claims to that effect. Any use of the word NERF is purely for descriptive purposes.

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