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This Halloween, Dublin’s very own Astro Park has something special in store for your little witches and wizards that is both terrifying and enchanting. From October 31st through November 3rd, Astro Park locations in Coolock and Tallaght will host a Halloween-themed Multi-Activity Camp. The camp promises a magical concoction of great times, physical improvement, and unforgettable experiences. The Astro Park will be on hand to provide excellent coaching and a fun environment for all the little attendees throughout the week.

Spellbinding Activities Await!

The Halloween camp at Astro Park is the ideal way to combine the excitement of Halloween with a sufficient amount of physical activity and entertaining activities that are good for mental health. Let’s jump right into the melting pot of activities that are in store for your children:

Excellent Football Coaching and Games: Help your child improve their football skills while they have a great time with their friends playing football. It is more than just a game; it is a way to foster cooperation and coordination among young boys and girls.

NERF AstroWars: Enrol your little troops in this epic NERF battle, where they will duck, dodge, dip, and dive while engaging in a heart-pounding showdown. NERF AstroWars is a great way to get kids excited about getting sufficient exercise and fun.

Crazy Old Sports Day: Step back in time to experience old-school sports and games. Let your little ones experience the joy of classic sports games such as the egg and spoon race or a long-distance sack race.

Bubble Football: A hilarious and bouncy twist on soccer that your children will adore. Encased in a giant bubble, they’ll have a blast knocking into their friends and laughing their hearts out.

Musical Games: Games like musical chairs and musical statues provide exercise and laughter in equal measure. It’s a great way to stimulate both the body and mind.

Colouring and Painting Activities for Younger Groups: Even the littlest pumpkins can join the fun with colouring activities designed just for them.

Table Quiz: Challenge your child’s knowledge and problem-solving skills with entertaining and educational table quizzes.

Dodge Ball: A classic game of skill and patience that always stays in style. Dodgeball is not just fun, but it also helps improve agility and reflexes.

Uni-Hoc: A game combining elements of hockey and soccer, Uni-Hoc will help your child develop hand-eye coordination.

Football Rounders: This fusion of football and rounders is a surefire way to boost your child’s fitness levels and strategic thinking.

The Magic Health Benefits

You may be curious about how all this fun can benefit your child’s health and happiness. The Astro Park’s Halloween Multi-Activity Camp has a bit of fun to offer:

Physical Benefits: All of these activities are intended to promote physical fitness in your children by getting them moving, jumping, and running. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and flexibility, essential for growing children.

Social Interaction: Your child will have the chance to interact with their peers, which provides a wonderful opportunity for them to form new friendships. Engaging in team-based activities fosters the development of social skills, cooperation, and empathy.

Mental Health: Engaging in enjoyable activities can positively impact your child’s mental health by boosting their mood and helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Laughter and play possess a magical ability to brighten one’s day.

Skill Development: Skill development is a key focus in many of the camp activities, covering a wide range of areas. Your child’s cognitive skills will be challenged in various activities such as football, accuracy in Foot Darts and strategic thinking in table quizzes.

Building Confidence: Your child’s self-esteem and confidence could significantly improve if they successfully overcame obstacles and achieved new goals while at camp.

Booking Information

It only costs €80 per child to attend Astro Park’s Halloween Multi-Activity Camp in Coolock and Tallaght. Also, if you have more than one little witch or wizard in your house, you can get a tremendous multi-child discount. It is an excellent way to get your kids active during the Halloween break without spending much money.

Instead of just trick-or-treating this Halloween, do some additional activities. Sign your kid up for Astro Park’s Halloween Multi-Activity Camp for a fun and healthy treat. They’ll remember it warmly because it made them laugh, helped them learn new skills, and gave them a lot of happy memories. Now is the time to book your child’s spot in the camp and allow them to get fresh air and exercise while they are off from school this Halloween season.

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