Indulging in a fun and demanding physical sport such as a five-a-side football game every week is the kind of recreation we all look for. With the stress and pressures from work, this recreational sport lifts up your spirits and provides some fun bonding time with your colleagues outside of work.

But nonetheless, whether it is for some bonding with colleagues or playing simply for the love of the sport, the workplace benefits of a weekly five-a-side football game are numerous and quite relevant to your professional life.

Main Benefits:

  • Develops team building skills

Playing a fun and intense sport like football automatically brings you and your colleagues closer as a team and improves your relationship. It is a good exercise. Assembling in the football pitch, playing, planning and strategizing together and cheering each other promotes a certain camaraderie which makes it easier to work together in the office.

  • Brings forth positivity and productivity in the workplace

This sport involves intense physical activity and exercise, which is known to release hormones like endorphins and serotonin that are responsible for uplifting your mood and keeping your spirits high. Hence, this leads to a happier workplace, which automatically equates to a more productive and active workplace.

  • Physical and health benefits

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of engaging in a five-a-side game of football. It facilitates the lowering of cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, keeping the heart healthy, and reducing chances of heart disease. It also increases your speed, stamina, agility, and flexibility, and reduces body fat.

  • It’s a great social exercise as well

Most of your working hours at the office are spent with people from your department. This limits your network to just a handful of people throughout the office. Indulging in this collective sport and playing as a group on the field allows you to socialize and expand your network across various other departments, getting to mingle and being friends with other employees.

  • Builds motivation and leadership skills

A football game is challenging and compels you to put all your focus and energy on playing to the best of your ability. This enthusiasm and energy get directly transmitted to work after a fulfilling round of the game each week. This, in turn, motivates you to bring your best version to work and give your all to it.

It also develops leadership skills on the field, which are immensely valuable in your professional life.

These above reasons prove that engaging in a weekly sport such as five-a-side football can impact your professional life and career positively, all while keeping you fit and healthy.

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