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How to book an Astropark party


Click to select which Astro Park venue you want to book for your party.


Once logged in, choose the day, and party you wish to book


Check available slots, enter your details and then make your payment!


Your slot is booked, and you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

If you have not received any email from us, check your spam. Still nothing? Give us a call; it might be that your booking is not confirmed!

We offer a fun, action-packed, and unique birthday party experience!

Our party options for you to book

Bubble Football


NERF AstroWars


Football/Old School Sports Day

30-minutes Football and 30 – Minutes Old School Sports Day

Opening Hours


Party Activity supervised by a staff member on a pitch


30 minutes in a party room for food


Optional 30 mins of free play supervised by a parent


Online party bookings are available on Saturdays and Sundays only


If a party has more than 18 children, the group will be split in two and will undertake our old school sports activity on a separate pitch.


If a party consists of more than 18 children, a second party room may be required.

Download Birthday Party invitations

Party information and frequently asked questions

What is the minimum cost?

€ 216 (which covers 12 children + food)

Can I confirm my booking with a deposit?

Yes, parties can be booked and confirmed with a deposit of € 102. The remaining balance can then be paid on the day.

What is the minimum number of children for a party?

12 children (You can have a party for fewer children but the minimum charge for 12 will still apply)

What is the age range for each party?

Football, Sports Day & Multi-Activity: Ages 5+
Bubble Football: Ages 9+
NERF AstroWars: Ages 6+

How long does the party last?

60 mins supervised activity 30 minutes in a party room and an optional 30 mins of free play directed by a parent.

Is food included?

Yes, food is included in all party packages. If a party consists of more than 18 children, a second party room may be required.

What is the party food?

Sausages, Chicken Nuggets and Chips

Is the party supervised?

A qualified member of staff supervises the party

Do I get party invitations?

PDF birthday party invitations will be emailed to you

How do I confirm my booking?

A €108 deposit is required to confirm a date for the party

What else is included?

Unlimited cordial drink and water, party room set up and cleaning