Setting up a new 5-a side team can be an exciting thing, but if you are looking to rig the side out with a snazzy new Kit, these Top tips are sure to help. First of all, outdoor kits and indoor kits do differ to a certain degree, so if you want to get the best performance out of your players, ensure you get the appropriate kit to suit the venue.

Our Dublin based Football venues are great for all year round matches; you never have to compromise a game due to weather conditions and your kit will never get muddy but getting your Indoor Kit right is a real game player, here’s how it’s done;


Most indoor football venues consist of Astro-Turf pitches; these artificial grass surfaces allow for a smooth flow of play with the correct footwear. If you wear Grass Boots on AstroTurf, you won’t be able to perform to your fullest potential because annoyingly they tend to snag a lot and it holds players back, so studs or blades should be avoided.

The best footwear to wear on Astro-turf /Artificial pitches is Astro Boots (which are specifically designed to suit the surface), but if you prefer a boot that can be multi-functional (in case you like to play on real grass too), then we recommend Football trainers with rubber soles. Both options grip the surface but do not snag, offering a better quality of play.

No muddy surfaces is a great positive when it comes to indoor play, But make sure your boots are clean (before you use them on AstroTurf) to avoid leaving a trail of dried out chunks of mud from your last game outdoors.


Polyester is the general type of fabric that standard football kits are made of, the benefit of wearing polyester is that it traps sweat within the fabric, so you don’t get unsightly sweat patches. And not only that, they are fast drying and cooling so are more likely to keep you comfortable during the game.

By all means, you can wear any t-shirt or swap shorts for sweatpants if you wish, but chances are you will be much hotter and sweatier if you do so.

Accidents are less likely to happen when playing football indoors; however, it’s not impossible, to prevent any potential injury from aggressive tackling it’s advised that players still wear their protective shin pads. Football socks should be long enough to cover shin pads comfortably to offer utmost protection to players during play.


Indoor goalkeepers are advised to wear gloves as they normally would during outdoor play. Although 5-a side is fairly different from 11 football, it’s not necessarily softer play, players can still pack a punch when taking the opportunity to score a goal, and during tournament play, you’ll probably find everyone steps it up a notch. For the sake of any potential injury, take your keepers gloves along to the match.

If you plan on taking part in future competitions you will need your team to look the part; some teams get bibs for this, others use matching coloured shirts. To prevent extra costs, later on, you may want your team to simply get the same shirts at the very start, that way you won’t need anything extra when it comes to tournaments.

Finally, a gym bag is a must-have item with any sport; you need a place to store your belongings whilst playing the game, so a simple soft sports bag will do the trick.

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