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Business as Usual 

The Summer of 2023 will see a return to standard everyday practices in the post Covid-19 world. At Astro Park, we proudly ran our birthday parties, school tours, and our Summer, Easter, and Halloween camps in a safe and healthy environment throughout the Covid-19 pandemic while ensuring the children had a fun experience. Now that the health restrictions have been lifted, we look forward to offering parents and children safe, healthy, and exciting experiences at Astro Park venues in Coolock and Tallaght.

Summer Birthday Parties and Camps

The Summer school holidays are approaching quickly. Primary school children across Dublin are eagerly awaiting their few months off. For parents, it is a very different and much more stressful time. Wrapping up the final days of school, arranging last-minute birthday parties, and finding activities to keep their children occupied, motivated, and happy throughout July and August can feel like a full-time job for most parents.

At Astro Park, we have years of experience helping parents plan and execute fun-filled and exciting birthday parties for their children and their friends. We have also been running two months of Summer camps for the past decade. We fully understand the stress and struggles of organising activities for primary school-aged children. We have previously prepared a guide on organising a birthday party for parents, which details what is required to book a birthday party at Astro Park Coolock or Tallaght. The eight weeks of the Summer holidays represent a problem for the majority of parents of primary school parents. How do you keep your children occupied throughout the Summer? At Astro Park, we have eight weeks of Summer camps available to book at our locations in Coolock and Tallaght.

How to Book Your Summer Birthday Party 

Astro Park has two convenient Dublin locations in Coolock and Tallaght, with ample free customer car parking. The Coolock venue is located just off Oscar Traynor Road in Coolock and is accessible via Exit 1 on M1 Coolock Interchange. The Tallaght venue is located 5 mins from the Junction 11 exit on the M50 and is on Greenhills Road. Parties for May, June and September should be booked many months in advance due to the high number of birthday parties during these months. Astro Park staff have years of experience running thousands of birthday parties. We can help by offering a variety of ways to book a birthday party at Astro Park: Book Online Book Over The Phone Complete an Enquiry Form Book Online. The easiest and quickest method of booking a birthday party in Astro Park is to book via our online booking system.

Customers can select their required date and time, and we offer the ability to book up to 6 months in advance. A minimum payment of a 50% deposit of €102 is required for all online party bookings, and any subsequent payments can be made on the day of the party. Book Over The Phone Our staff in Coolock and Tallaght are ready and able to help you book your party over the phone. A minimum deposit of €100 is required to secure a phone booking. Complete an Online Enquiry Form. Enter your name and contact details, select which location you want, choose if you wish to be contacted by phone or email, and leave a short message explaining your requirements for the party.

Once ready to book, you can confirm your booking online or by phone. Once your party is booked and payment has been made, you will receive an email from the staff at your location confirming all the booking and payment details. Party invitations can be sent to your email or downloaded here – Coolock or Tallaght.

Why You Should Send Your Kids to Astro Park Summer Camps

Summer camps are a terrific way to keep kids occupied and happy while offering many advantages like self-confidence, exercise, social skills, and more. In addition, they are a fantastic tool to encourage physical and mental health growth.

Multi-Activity Summer camps are a fantastic way to explore new things and pursue new interests while fostering social skills development and self-esteem. Children can interact with youngsters not typically in their social circle during these camps, which helps them develop their social skills. They also offer a laid-back and enjoyable environment where one can develop healthy competitiveness, learn new abilities, socialise, and deal with social situations. Finally, they offer many fresh experiences and hobbies to pursue, which may serve as the impetus for a lifelong interest, hobby, or profession.

2023 Astro Park Summer Camps 

The Astro Park 2023 Summer Camps will run for eight weeks from the 3rd of July until the 25th of August. Our prices for 2023 camps are as follows:

4-Day Camp = €80 (*Only €3.33 per hour!)

5-Day Camp = €99 (*Only €3.30 per hour!)

*For 4 day camp: €80 / 4 days = €20 per day / 6 hours = €3.33 per hour

*For 5 day camp: €99 / 5 days = €19.80 per day / 6 hours = €3.30 per hour

The group discount scheme is intended to lower expenses for parents who want to register many kids for one of our Summer camps. It is accessible for groups of up to five kids, but all parents must complete an online registration form and submit information about the other parents. It is perfect for classmates, neighbours, etc., who wish to send their kids together. The Summer Camps can be booked here now.

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