Coolock Summer Camp – Week 4 – 25th July to 29th July

  • For boys and girls aged between 5-12
  • All 5-year-olds must have completed Junior Infants
  • The Summer Camps will run for the eight weeks of the Summer school holidays in Coolock
  • Each child should bring a rain jacket, runners and a packed lunch each day of the camp.
  • Rainy days will see the children watch movies and play games indoors.
  • Week four of the camp is a five-day camp and will take place between the 25th and 29th of July.
  • The cost of one child to enrol in the five-day camp is €90.
  • A new group discount is available to book up to 5 children.
  • Every day of the camp runs from 9 am to 3 pm

How the Group Discount Works

  • A maximum of 5 children can be booked at a time to receive the maximum discount.
  • A 10% discount is applied to the price for each additional child booked into the camp.
  • Group bookings are not confined to just siblings or relations; e.g. a group of 5 friends from the same class can book together to gain the discounted entry price.
  • One parent can book a maximum of 5 children, but the personal details of the other fellow parents must be provided  –  (Name, Email, Mobile)
  • Parents who do not book their children directly will be required to complete an online registration form.

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The activities include:

  • Great football coaching and games
  • Bubble Football
  • NERF AstroWars,
  • Multi-Sport Target Zone
  • Speed Radar
  • Crazy Sports Day
  • Gaelic Football

Camp Rules:

  • Any child who is feeling unwell at any stage of the camp must let their supervisor know immediately, and a member of the office staff will contact their parents immediately.
  • All children must regularly wash and sanitise their hands, as demonstrated by their supervisor.
  • There can be no high 5’s, fist-bumping or any other physical contact greeting or celebration during the camp.
  • Children must remain 2m apart at all times during lunch and certain activities where possible.
  • Children are not allowed to touch another child’s property.
  • Children must not share their lunch or any other food items with each other
  • The Vending machines are out of order for all camp times
  • Children must follow all Supervisor guidelines for toilet breaks.
  • Any Child who continuously fails to adhere to the Health and Safety protocols will be removed from the camp.


We ask Parents and Children to adhere to the above rules to help stop the Spread of Covid-19