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You may think that playing 5-A-Side Football is easy, well it is, anyone can do it. But there is always room for improvement, and if you want to become a better player, pay attention to not committing these five-a-side Football mistakes.

In order to improve your quality as a player individually and as a team, beat the opposition, score more goals and win, try to cut out some of these, or at least focus on a couple to improve your performance on the next match day.

Don’t forget to share this and advise your teammates so you can step up your gameplay.

How many of you are guilty of not following some of the playing tips listed below? C’mon, unless you’re Ronaldo you must have done a few of these 😉

  • Don’t keep playing when you’re too tired

Astro football is a very fast-paced sport; that is why the rolling subs rule exists. Catch your breath on the bench until you feel good enough to step in the pitch again.

  • Don’t give up to early

Some days things do not go to plan, and 5-A-Side is no different; if you are a few goals down, the worst thing you can do is give up on the game! Instead, play 100% right up until the end. It’s incredible how things can change fast in Football, and results can be turned around in minutes, so keep playing.

  • Make good use of your goalkeeper

Your goalkeeper is not just there to defend the goal, he’s also very much part of the team, and since 5-Aside is such a small team it is even more essential that you make good use of him. Make sure you use the goalkeeper when in possession, he’s your 5th man don’t forget.

  • Maintain your composure and be balanced

It’s so easy to go full steam ahead and focus on attack, attack, attack, but often not the wisest move to make, instead try to remain composed and be patient. If the game is somewhat close, it’s hard to maintain composure but ask any professional, and they will say it, full-on attack mode often leaves your team exposed.

  • Mark your direct opponent

In order to keep up with the game, dynamic marking is a must. The opposition will no doubt be moving fast to find free space, and it’s a must that players can keep up and mark the opposing team players;

  • Keep your cool

If you’ve lost your cool before, you won’t be the first or the last!

Yes, a game can be a test on self-patience and attitude but losing your cool could cost you the game. 5-Aside is a fast-paced sport, and focus is a must. Don’t let distractions get the better of you, maintain focus, and get on with the game.

  • Don’t be selfish

It doesn’t matter if you’re considered a top player. You cannot win a match alone. You are part of a team, so play as a team. Good teamwork is what wins games, not selfish players hogging the ball with no confidence in the rest of the teammates, so be sure to pass the ball more often.

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