Gaelic Football Parties

Astro Park allows you to celebrate a unique birthday party, away from the overused traditional alternatives. How? Incorporate your inner Irish spirit and take part in a thrilling game of Gaelic Football.

Gaelic football is a symbol of Ireland and one of our most popular sports. It is a fun and fast-paced game that will improve your kids’ fitness and coordination.

We will take your kids on a fun journey through one of Ireland´s most unique, ancient and beloved sports.

They will learn the basics of the game, get lots of exercise, while having a great time with their friends.

What we offer in our Gaelic Football parties

Party Specifics:

  • Age Range Suitability – suitable for boys and girls aged 7 up to 11
  • Duration – 60 minutes of Gaelic Football Party, 20 minutes of food in a party room (sausages, chicken nuggets, and chips) and an optional 40 mins of free play on a pitch which is not supervised by a member of our staff
  • Cost – €156 for a minimum of 12 and €12 per extra child.
  • Party Min / Max Sizes – Min of 15 children per party group. A €15 charge will be applied to groups over 14 children to accommodate the requirement for a second supervisor.
  • Dates Available – Saturday and Sunday
  • Times Available – Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm

Gaelic Football small sided game rules

Match Rules

  • Game starts with a throw up between 2 players
  • Max 6 players on each side
  • No pickup rule
  • Ball can be kicked or hand passed to you team mate
  • Points/Goals can only be scored inside the opposition half
  • Goalkeepers can leave the D area to retrieve the ball but must immediately be passed to a team mate
  • No foot blocking
  • Hand blocking is permitted in the following ways – (1) 2 hand arm block or (2) the near hand tackle which is where you run alongside & knock the ball away with your nearest hand, when opposition is doing hop/solo. You cannot grab or pull the ball from somebody’s hand.
  • Frees to be taken with ball in hand
  • 1 Hop/1 Solo rule in play
  • No over carrying of the ball
  • If the ball goes behind the goal, keepers ball. If it hits the side board or back fence and rebounds back into play, play on.

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