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Friday Night 5’s

Children’s 5-a-Side Football Leagues Every Friday Night

5-a-side football is the perfect exercise regime for all kids. So, at Astro Park, we added a little fun to the mix to create the perfect start to the weekend! Our Friday Night 5’s football league is great fun for kids from ages 6 – 16.
Boys and girls alike enjoy the values that our Friday Night 5’s are built upon. Fair Play, Teamwork, Discipline, and Fitness are values that are naturally instilled in kids each time they play.
But our overriding value is to ensure that each kid has fun playing no matter what their skill level.
Places are limited, so don’t delay. Call us today to find out more about our Friday Night 5’s leagues, or click the button below to reserve a spot for your kid’s team.

Developing Life Skills While Having Fun

5-a-side football is the perfect activity for kids, and our Friday Night 5’s leagues encourage them to enjoy themselves. The supportive atmosphere and coaching approach that we take ensures that all participants:

  • Take part in an exercise that is perfect for developing bodies
  • Learn life skills like teamwork and discipline
  • 3Build their confidence
  • And most of all – Have great fun!

Friday Night 5’s – More than just a fitness exercise

Our core values guarantee our Friday Night 5’s are more than just a football competition. We have the drive to help foster an environment that allows children to thrive. Our competitions are designed to unlock their abilities and help children flourish on and off the 5-a-side pitch.
We are passionate about what we do, and this passion is what underpins our core values:

  • Fun It has to be fun! This is our number-one priority – Kids learn best when they are having fun.
  • Potential We want our leagues to help all kids unlock their true potential. Not every kid is the next Lionel Messi, but the skills they learn on the 5-a-side pitch will help them as they develop into adulthood.
  • Dream Every kid has a dream, and dreams can inspire kids to strive for their goals. 5-a-side football motivates children to reach out for their dreams.
  • Prosper The life skills and confidence learned in 5-a-side football allow children to prosper as they progress through life.
  • Education Learning shouldn’t stop when school closes. 5-a-side football teaches critical skills that add to their education.

Why Astro Park?

Astro Park Coolock and Tallaght venues are Dublin’s premier all-weather 5-a-side facilities. We pride ourselves on the quality of our venues and the commitment of our staff. Our trained and friendly staff are always on hand to make sure your kids play safe, stay safe, and above all – Have Fun! We’d love to welcome your children and their friends to our Friday Night 5’s events! Click to book or contact us today to find out more details about our fun 5-a-side Friday night leagues for kids!