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If you play five aside and wish to get better at it, then this is what you were waiting for. Today, we present to you all the top skills you should master to be effective when competing in 5-a-side.

First, let us look at the basics of a 5-a-side match. The singularities of the smaller pitch, reduced goals, and shortened game span played on enclosed spaces over artificial grass make for a fast-paced, tightly disputed, flowing match where ball and player movement allied with efficiency together with having the correct 5-a-side tactic and formation is crucial to get the win.

The Essential Skills to Become a 5 a Side Football Pro:

First Touch

When time and space come at a premium as with 5-a-side football, mastering the first touch will make you a star in the eyes of your teammates. Having the ability to receive well, shoot on the volley or pick out a pass on the first touch is an essential skill for five-a-side players. Being able to play at first touch simplifies the game, speeds up ball play and makes it easy to be picked out by your teammates even if a defender is approaching since you can easily move the ball to another player.

Skill Moves

Skill moves can seem like a Galacticos only thing, but there are some moves that even the most newbie of amateur players can perform and to great effect. Skill moves are excellent tools to use when it comes to gaining space or losing a marker, especially when you are tight for pitch space in 5-a-sides – plus you can embarrass the defender and gain locker room laurels among your mates.

And there is no need to learn multiple moves. Refine one or two go-to skills that you can confidently use in play to your team’s advantage, and we guarantee it will stick. There are many notable cases – Arjen Robben the most notable one – where you know exactly what the player will do, but there is nothing the defender can do about it because it is that effective.

Shooting: Power vs. Placement

A smaller pitch on five a side football means that virtually any area can present a goal scoring position but only if you make it count. There are two types of shots you really need to excel in: Placed shots and Power strikes.

You are on a promising attack on your fives match, and the strike is up to you, but the goalkeeper makes his exit and defenders swarm in to narrow your angle – then is when shooting with placement will make the difference. If you wish to aim it to the corner, just use the inside of your boot and curl it around the opponents or use the outside if you want to give it the opposite bend of your strong foot’s natural curve. Cheeky but effective!

But in five aside, there is rarely a time where you can time your shot and, as we claimed above, you can have a goal chance from almost anywhere. In that case, just put your boot through it and rely on sheer power! Strike it with everything you have, that sweet lace connection and the full strength of movement and wish the keeper luck…or the lamps!


Picking your teammates with crisp passing is a five-a-side essential. That is because five a side’s fast-paced nature is suited best with quick ball movement. And for that, you need excellent decision making and a decent ability to apply good passing of the ball.

Holding on to the ball for long will get you surrounded by defenders and eventually turn over the ball, so the key here is to keep it moving. Play it easy while moving further up-field. Ambitious but safe, that is how you should decide on passes, remember that playing sideways and backwards won’t get you goals.

Maintain a good ball movement and eventually the game will present an open play opportunity for your team to score – or exhaust your opponents – and then a great through ball will make for more than half a goal.

And there you have it, the essential skills to make you an efficient five-a-side player. Get them right, and you’ll be a locker room favourite, helping your team get wins and having fun in the process!

Now it’s time to master those skills, book a 5 a side pitch and put them to practice!


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