We would request that all customers and staff adhere to these regulations so that we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus


Kids Camps – the below list of protocols are aimed at parents and children

  • Parents of all children entering the camp are requested to explain the rules to their children before the camp begins.
  • Any child who is feeling unwell at any stage of the camp must let their supervisor know immediately, and a member of the office staff will contact their parents immediately.
  • All children must regularly wash and sanitise their hands, as demonstrated by their supervisor.
  • There can be no high 5’s, fist-bumping or any other physical contact greeting or celebration during the camp.
  • Children must remain 2m apart at all times during lunch and certain activities where possible.
  • Children are not allowed to touch another child’s property.
  • Children must not share their lunch or any other food items with each other.
  • The Vending machines are out of order for all camp times.
  • All children must follow all Supervisor guidelines for toilet breaks.
  • Any Child who continuously fails to adhere to the Health and Safety protocols will be removed from the camp.
  • Parents are requested to practice social distancing when dropping off and collecting their child or children.
  • Parents are requested not to watch their child pr children on any pitch while the camp is in progress.

Football – the below list of protocols are aimed at any adult football members.

  •  Block booking & Casual Pitch Booking made in advance only – No walk-in bookings will be accepted on the night.
  • Members must confirm that they have provided us with up to date & correct contact information before they play
  • 1-way System in operation inside the Pitch Reception – Enter through the Front Door and Exit through the Back Door (Pitches)
  • Face Masks must be work inside the clubhouse at all times
  • You must Sanitise your hands when you enter the Pitch Building
  • Part-Payments are no longer accepted – Payments must be made in full
  • Card Payments should be used where possible
  • We Recommend Online bookings and payment to avoid social contact as much as possible between Customers and staff.
  • Please follow and respect the social distancing signage within the pitch building.
  • Only 1 member of each group must enter the building when paying to avoid a large congregation.
  • Locker Rooms and Showering facilities will remain closed. Players should arrive kitted out and ready to play.
  • There is zero tolerance for any member or player to be changing in the reception area.
  • We remind you that coughing/sneezing must be into a tissue or you elbow at all times.
  • Players should not congregate outside their pitch before or after their game.
  • No handshakes allowed – try to limit contact with each other where possible.
  • Players should bring their own water/drink to the game and must put all used bottles into the bins outside the pitch gates when leaving.
  • No Gear Bags/Clothes should be brought onto the pitch when playing. We recommend leaving all valuables at home when coming to play.
  • Spitting will not be tolerated on the pitches/outside the facility and may result in memberships being cancelled