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Well, no! This is a common question we get asked a lot, along with “What’s the difference then?” This gave us the cue to start an article about the difference between futsal and 5-a-side football.

Let’s start with the similarities: both 5-a-side and futsal share the same principles of play, number of players and most of the regulations. But that may be where it ends because from there on, we can notice changes in the boots the players tie on, the number of friends they have to invite to get a match rolling and the type of pitch you need to book.

So, as promised, we’ll go through all of the differences, one by one, and solve the question once and for all regarding the differences between five-a-side and futsal.

How many players are there in futsal vs 5-a-side?

Regarding players on the pitch, who believes the two games are identical are actually onto something. Both in five-a-side and futsal you have, at all times, five players per side. One goalie and 4 outfield players in each team. The difference is that in futsal you can have rolling substitutions whenever you wish, while in 5-a-side tournament there’s a limited number of substitutions.

What are the differences between a futsal and a 5-a-side pitch?

There is a difference in the dimensions required for playing 5-a-side and futsal. 5-a-side football pitches recommended dimensions are 36.5m x 27.5m, but they can vary a little in size. Futsal, on the other hand, can be played in pitches with sizing between 38m x 20m and 42m x 25m.

Futsal comes from Latin languages and is a word mix-up of the words football and saloon, so, it means it is meant to be played indoors. Regularly, futsal is played on a flat wooden or artificial material surface. 5-a-side football is mostly played in artificial turf, which means it can be played indoors or outdoors.

What type of balls are used in 5-a-side vs futsal?

Typically, 5-a-side football is played with a size 5 ball, the same size used in 11 sided matches, with a regular bounce. This provides the natural feel of a shrunk down pitch for the game you always knew.

Futsal uses, instead, a 4-size ball with a lower bounce. The futsal pitch is small and has a fast-paced nature due to its flat wooden flooring, so the ball also has to be less prone to slide off play, thus the smaller size and reduced bounce to the football.

Do I need different boots for Futsal and Five-a-Side soccer?

It is incredible the difference the right footwear can make to your game.

The choice of boots worn on futsal and in 5-aside Astro pitches can directly impact the player’s performance; therefore, it’s imperative to understand which ones best suit you and your needs.

As you can guess by now, wearing the same boots on clearly different surfaces – as you learned above – will result in some catastrophic slipping!

5-a-side is usually played on artificial turf, so you have to employ a pair of boots designed for this purpose. If you’re going down to the local sports store, you can ask for a Turf stud pattern.

Futsal boots have totally different soles, designed with flat surfaces in mind, and are normally made out of rubber materials. You can find models very similar to those used in 5-a-side and even in full-size football – as the ones you see your favourite players wear – just with a specific indoor outsole. There are also specially designed futsal boots which look like a cross between traditional cleats and sports sneakers. The choice is yours!

Are goals a different size in 5-a-side football and futsal?

Once again, there is also a difference between futsal and five a side’s goals. Five-a-side goals are a bit shorter, measuring around 1.2m tall (4 feet) and spreading the width of 3.6m (12 feet). Futsal, however, measures in at 2m tall (6 feet) and 3m wide (10 feet).

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