There are times when football is not just a couch sport, and you’re not only a bench coach. There are those who gather religiously every week, to play football with their mates. And within the four lines, within the 5 aside pitch, football is what unites them and what separates them, between sweat, dizzying dribbles, genuine laughs, and many goals.

That is football showing its greatness and simplicity.

They are students, electricians, doctors, lawyers, computer engineers, journalists, models, politicians, merchants… football players of all professions.

Parallel to the activity, there are thousands of other players who, every week, enjoy a game of 5 aside in our fields in Coolock and Tallaght.

And even though sometimes there might be some minor arguments, after all, there is something irrational and passionate about football, what matters most is to feel the adrenaline of competition, to exercise, to expand emotions, to have fun and to spend time together with friends.

Come Play 5-a-side

Get in touch with your inner Ronaldo as you pass, dribble, shoot, and score. Whether you’re a top team in need of some serious competition or a bunch of mates looking for a post-work friendly match, we’ve got it covered with our 2020 5-a-side football leagues and tournaments. Just bring your A game, and Astro Park will take care of the rest.

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